Saturday, 10 August 2013

First steps of a journey

We're starting on a journey.  A journey towards a different way of living.  One that sees us freed of the things we've been told all our lives to be.  Free from the stigma from not being able to be those things.  The cost of living, high unemployment, economic downturn.  It doesn't have to be this way.  We're starting on our journey to freedom.

Freedom for us will take the form of Little Dragon Homestead.  It will be a self-sufficient, off the grid, homestead, based on the principles of Permaculture.

Our journey is beginning in a weatherboard house on a small block of land ( less than 1/4 acre).  It's here that we'll start learning to grow our own vegetables, manage our budget frugally, learn canning and preservation techniques for making the harvest last and many other ways we can become less reliant on globalised systems of goods and services, focusing on supporting local producers for those things that we can't produce for ourselves.

Eventually, once renovations on this house are complete and it's able to be sold, we will be looking to purchase the land for our Homestead!  Once we have the land for animals, polytunnels, an orchard and micro brewery we can really get stuck into freeing ourselves from the need for full-time employment and can start living for ourselves.

This blog will chronicle the journey, including information gleaned from different sources along the way, budgeting tips, decluttering tips, recipes, book reviews and recommendations.

So, welcome to the journey.  We're glad for the company!

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